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How Ontario Contractors Can Easily Eliminate Their Tech Problems

Cybersecurity IT Services Construction May 29, 2024 12:34:44 PM Attitude IT 3 min read

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In today's digital age, our businesses and personal lives are heavily reliant on technology. When faced with an Internet outage, businesses often grind to a halt, resulting in significant losses in productivity and revenue. A perfect example would be the AT&T outage that happened in the US earlier this year, when an estimated 1.7 million customers, including small business owners, lost service. No phones, no Internet. Could you afford your business being down for minutes, hours or even days? The answer is likely no.

In addition to downtime, bad IT support can manifest in various ways that disrupt your business operations. From the critical task of recovering deleted files to the ongoing battle against malware, maintaining constant vigilance over your network's security is paramount. Additionally, the daily challenges of managing file access, resetting forgotten passwords, and troubleshooting malfunctioning printers can gradually chip away at your team's productivity.

These issues, both big and small, can accumulate over time, leading to a significant impact on your business efficiency. It's essential to address these challenges proactively to prevent them from escalating and causing further disruptions. By ensuring that your IT support team is equipped to handle a wide range of tasks, from the most critical security measures to the smallest technical hiccups, you can safeguard your business from unnecessary obstacles and maintain a smooth operational flow.

That is why you must have a way to ELIMINATE tech problems before they start.

Unfortunately, paying through the nose for IT that can’t troubleshoot its way out of a paper bag is more common than you’d hope. These so-called “IT Wizards” who promised you top-notch support for bargain-basement prices are sitting around using their magic wands as backscratchers, waiting for YOU to let THEM know something has gone wrong. This must come to an end. That is why we have compiled a comprehensive list of essential requirements that anyone handling your network should adhere to.

Check off all that apply:

  • Does your IT company answer their phone LIVE and respond to emergencies promptly (within 30 minutes)?
  • Is your IT company easy to reach and highly responsive (responding within an hour) when you need them for non-emergencies?
  • Do you know if your IT company proactively monitors, patches and updates your computer network’s critical security settings daily? Weekly? At all? How do you know for sure? Hint: Most don’t!
  • Does your IT company offer proof that they are backing up ALL your data, laptops and devices?
  • Does your IT company provide regular updates, project reviews, and network performance improvement suggestions proactively rather than waiting for issues to arise?
  • Does your IT company provide detailed invoices that clearly explain what you are paying for?
  • Does your IT company explain what they are doing and answer your questions in terms you can understand, NOT in “geek-speak,” and routinely ask if there’s anything else they can help with, no matter how small?
  • Does your IT company proactively discuss cyber security with you, make recommendations for protecting your network from ransomware and offer training videos so your employees don’t fall victim to a scam?
  • Has your IT company equipped you with comprehensive network documentation, or are they guarding the "keys to the kingdom," withholding admin passwords, leaving you stranded in case of a crisis with no means to reach them?
  • Do techs arrive on time and dress professionally, and do you look forward to working with them, or do you cringe every time you have to make that call?

If your current IT company, technician or “IT guy” does NOT check the boxes on every point, you could be – and most likely are – paying for substandard support.

This negligence not only puts your data and network security at risk but also leads to significant losses in productivity. As you and your team waste valuable time resolving unnecessary issues, any potential mishaps will ultimately result in you bearing the brunt of the blame.

If that’s the case, then it’s time you see what else is out there and make sure you’re getting what you pay for. Anything less is a liability to your business.

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