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About Us

Managed IT Support and Cybersecurity Services by Attitude IT


Why did we choose the name Attitude?

Attitude is a measurement used in aviation and space flight. It measures a plane's position relative to the horizon, or in the case of a spacecraft, its orbit. Keeping a constant attitude is important, or else a ship could end up millions of miles off course. If a misalignment occurs, thrusters release gas to reorient the ship and restore the proper attitude.

Since 2003, Attitude IT has been helping businesses within the Greater Toronto Area keep their technology on course. We work with professional companies that value cyber safety and understand that when the IT part of your business isn’t running right, it can slow down or jam up an entire company, really throwing off the alignment. We help Toronto businesses reorient their IT by providing excellent technical support and aligning them to cybersecurity standards and data compliance regulations.




We set this vision because we want to prevent Ontario businesses from experiencing data loss and cyber-attacks.

Small businesses are the backbone of our local economy, and it is extremely hard for them to recover from data breaches and other cyber attacks - especially ransomware. 

Our hope is that YOU never experience the loss of revenue, trust, and reputation that comes with a cyber incident. However, in today's risk climate, there's a higher chance of your organization facing a cyber incident than not.

We want to make sure you are brilliantly prepared.


Brandon Jones

Author, CEO, & Cybersecurity Practitioner

Brandon started Attitude IT in 2003 with the vision of providing the best IT services possible to Toronto businesses. Attitude was one of the first computer support companies of its kind in Toronto, at a time when managed IT services as an industry was just launching.

Brandon has since grown the company to be more than just a computer support business. Attitude IT now focusses heavily on cybersecurity and data compliance consulting, as well as cloud architecture and migration.

In fact, Brandon co-authored a book with a few other cybersecurity experts. The book, Under Attack, teaches business leaders how to protect their businesses and bank accounts from fast-growing, ultra-motivated, and highly dangerous cybercriminals.

Praise for Under Attack

[5 Stars]

Much needed book to read if you are a President/CEO/CIO or IT Pro. I will be giving this book to many of my clients.

M. Servidio

[Excellent Business Resource!]

Excellent Business Resource on Cyber Crime by leading Experts. The Authors look at several issues from different perspectives to help give you insight into Cyber Crime and how to protect your business.

Verified Customer

[Loaded With Cyber Safety Nuggets]

Each chapter of this book was written by a different security expert. At first, I skipped around and read the chapters that I was most interested in. Now I’m re-reading the book chapter by chapter. In each chapter, I have found at least one nugget of information that is helping me secure my company’s business environment. Most of the chapters are well written and helpful. I plan to get some extra copies to give this book to my top customers.

H. Spears

Under Attack Brandons book

Want To Protect Your Profit From Cyber Criminals?

"This Book Reveals How Small Businesses Are Targeted By ADVANCED Cyber Criminal Gangs, And What Every CEO Should Be Doing Now To Protect Themselves..."

Buy Under Attack

Hardcover copies of Under Attack are available for purchase for $30, plus free shipping!

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